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double-dipThe buyers are the easy part. The sellers are just a little more complicated but really they are easy too. Just put in the search bar the word “listing” or any reasonable facsimile of the word. Other words that work are “Sellers” and be sure to add the desired zip code. This will pull all the potential sellers from that zip code and then go out to surrounding zip codes with just people that have created profiles that have also indicated that they own a home.

This is the big double dipper that many of the users of Qazzoo enjoy once they have become accustomed to using the search engine. Natural language search engines have been focused on the users  and then providing advertising to generate their income. Qazzoo is the exact opposite. Qazzoo is for use by professionals that want to search for real estate consumers. There is no advertising on Qazzoo at this time and we are fighting the need to place advertising on the page so that users are not distracted by random ads that clutter the pages.

Use the “listing” or “sellers” text in your natural language search and the results can double.


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