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It isn’t hard to get trapped in the same old same old. All we have to do is the same things that we are comfortable with and within 21 days we have a habit that is hard to break out of. We need to change things up to keep our game as tight as we can. We need to practice our craft and reward ourselves when we have accomplished something so that we want to do more changing and refining.

When boredom sets in we tend to get a little less precise in our actions.

The guys that are sucking down pots of coffee at our office telling us how things used to be are not going to help us. They are going to tell us how the market is slow in this area and how they almost closed the big deal. They are not going to shine any light on what we could be doing better or they would be doing it right now and not sitting in the office raining on our sunny days.

We need to surround ourselves with people who are as open to new ideas and willing to do things in new and more creative ways. We can find these people online or in the next office building, we can find them working at Wendy’s slinging burgers or we can find them in the corner office of a large corporation. We don’t have to pay for their advice or their suggestions. We just have to observe them doing what they do and immolate what they do well.

The guy at Wendy’s has the burger packing job down to a science as he wrapped each sandwich into a neatly stacked bag which allows the burgers to remain in their proper shape and the fries to be on top where they are not crushed by the burgers below. We can apply that to how we present contracts. Being prepared and knowing where everything goes before we get to the appointment will give the buyer more confidence and when we can associate each page with the others they feel that we approach every aspect of our job in the same orderly way. Even if we do, we can communicate this silently by being as organized as possible during the signing the process.

burgerWe can look at the guy right next to the fella bagging the burgers and see that he doesn’t care by his lack of deliberate actions. He may even care but he is not communicating that to us as he stacks things in our bag and we realize before we leave the store that we are going to be dealing with a crushed burger and a squashed fries as soon as we leave. And that is from the local Wendy’s. What if we apply  the same principles to other professionals and took what they had to teach us without them even realizing it?


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