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Unlike Google or Bing or any other search engine Qazzoo takes a step forward in the process. In fact Qazzoo takes a couple of steps forward.

Ninety nine percent of all real estate professionals have to perform three separate steps to get to the end goal of making a profit at their chosen profession. The first step is to create an advertisement campaign. The second step is to generate leads from their advertising campaign. This not always easy and sometimes the campaign doesn’t generate enough to cover the cost of the advertisement. This type of advertising in the advertising industry is generally referred to as “branding”. Branding is another term for “Ineffective”. Qazzoo has removed the first two steps completely from the entire process of generating business. Because Qazzoo does all the advertising for the local real estate agent or loan officer and because Qazzoo then allows the local professional to select only the clients that they wish to work with, the time from needing to receive a lead is less than a half hour.

ppcComparing Qazzoo to any other type of lead generation needs to take into account the cost and time commitment that Google, Bing, Facebook and Zillow require. In fact the entire passive advertising concept should be broken down to see the true benefits of Qazzoo. We can break down “Passive” advertising into several different and progressively less quantifiable methods. For example when a local loan officer wants to generate business from Google they are required to set up an account and create an advertisement that will be seen by users sporadically and when the user clicks on that advert the local loan officer is then charged for that click. The average cost per click was recently reported to be $1.24 for each and every click. Google does have the highest ROI of any of the search engine options but their value is largely based on the *conversion rate of the advertisers own site. The average loan officer has a *conversion rate of less than 1 percent. This means that the average loan officer advertising on Google spends $124.00 for each and every lead that they generate from their Google ad campaign. Bing by comparison has a much lower conversion rate than Google and to make matters more complex, the value of the lead generated is not known until the 100 visitors have clicked on the advertisement and initiated contact. In the case of Bing, 140 visitors would be required to generate 1 lead.

*Conversion rate is defined as how many visitors out of 100 take the action of creating a lead or contacting the owner of the website.


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