Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Every typhoon started as a small breeze over calm waters. What builds from a small wisp of wind into a force that can change the landscape is momentum and that momentum builds and creates more power and force than the forces around it and begins to absorb the lesser  drafts that it comes in contact with. Qazzoo realizes that momentum is what creates huge shifts in our environment. Be it weather or human behavior. We cannot expect the world to shift to our desires without first building momentum. Gusts are just typhoons that could not sustain momentum and we don’t want to create momentary gusts that do not sustain the pace or direction of where we are trying to get.


We talk a lot about momentum as a necessary element of creating a growing business as the message is so vital and so often missed. At  many offices across the country Fridays might as well be days off as so few people are willing to work their normal hours because tomorrow is the weekend. Or because Fridays are always slow or whatever they tell themselves to excuse themselves from not being willing to maintain that momentum.

There are always easily definable reasons to not be consistent (tomorrow is going to be busy, hump day or Fridays, upcoming holidays…etc…) while the reasons for being consistent are far more nebulous. Making more money in the future? Creating a pipeline? Are just examples of less than concrete reasons to keep building on the existing momentum.

Real estate agents are lucky because we can work all the time yet we will find some that go out for dinner after a closing instead of keeping the hot hand and pushing for more business when the getting is good. There is nothing more confidence building than previous success. The more recent the better.


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