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how-to-find-the-best-employeesOut the front and in the back the leads come in to sites that generate leads the old fashioned way. They promise the user a chance to look at some homes that no one else has and then require a buyer to fill in a form. This form is then sold to the local real estate agent advertising in that Zip Code.

That is okay if there is only one advertiser in the area but that is never the way the web works. If it is good they will beat the bejesus out of it until there is no value for anyone. Case in point. Sites that have lead the way in revenue generation recently in the online advertising world have over saturated the areas that they sell to the point that each lead generated is sent to all the agents at the same time in the same area. Does this help anyone but the advertising platform? At Qazzoo we thought there had to be a better way of doing this whole online real estate thing. What would we want if we were a real estate buyer? How could we serve that need? If we were a real estate agent what would we want? What if instead of putting the revenue first we put the users first? Wouldn’t that be a novel approach.

Well it has been a novel approach and we are looking for ways to improve it all the time. Adding a social search engine to a real estate lead generation platform has brought us to a really interesting place that we appreciate and enjoy every day.

There is a freedom that is felt by not trying to scratch the last penny out of either the real estate lead or the real estate agent that is looking to generate real estate leads. Allowing people to flag leads that have bad contact information and letting real estate agents search for the leads they want to work with has created a new dynamic and we are happy to serve.


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