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The one thing that we can say about all homebuyers is that they want their problem solved and that most of them don’t really care who solves it. Qazzoo knows that they want their needs met and many look at us as no more than servers at a restaurant. If they like us that is a bonus but what they really want is their food or in this case a house that meets all their needs. The real estate agent that is able to do this best is the one that they are going to be loyal to. Not the one that drives the fanciest car or wears the trendiest clothes. They may have more initial faith in us when we show that we are able to present ourselves well but their needs will always outweigh our presentation.

So what does this have to do with Qazzoo and exclusive leads?

exclusiveAt Qazzoo we realize that exclusivity is momentary at best. This because we have been in the business for over two decades. If someone goes online and is looking for a home they are going to fill out forms and make phone calls and do whatever it takes to feed the need at that moment in time. The moment can last for a second or it can last for a week or a month. If the need lasts for a month there is no doubt that they have contacted several agents and have not been satisfied. One problem that Qazzoo is happy to have solved is the wrong home buyer contacting the wrong agent or lender. We know that we are

The agent that thinks that a buyer is loyal and that they won’t use someone else is in a losing position. We have to assume that there are new agents contacting them every other day. The web has created so much connectivity that we make contact with other people all the time without knowing it.

How many people really know all of their Facebook friends? May be 1 out of 100 but that is even stretching it.

We have to stay vigilant and make sure that people we contact are always aware of our being present and willing to assist. The competition is tough and we need to work the leads that we have as if they were going to walk into our competitor’s office that afternoon. When we take their word that they are loyal they may mean it for that moment but that night when they go back online they are going to see something completely new and jump on the phone or email and then we are left picking up the pieces and recreating loyalty all over again.


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