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I was recently in a mortgage office and overheard the owner of the company complaining about getting a hold of some clients that were out of the country for a week and then they got back and he is having trouble reconnecting with them. He went on for some time as he had reached his point of frustration that we all feel at times. He calls and leaves messages, follows up each call with an email and gets nothing. I was in the waiting room and could have been a client for all they knew.

“What is the matter with these people?” he asked his employees rhetorically. Believe me when I say he did not want an answer and none were provided…thank god.

The simple answer is that people get busy. They change their minds and they become a source of aggravation that makes us feel that it is us that have made some mistake along the way.

aggravateIf only I had gotten them to commit to a time before they did X or Y or Z, I wouldn’t be having this problem. The truth is that the problems that buyers and sellers provide us with are many times out of our control and we have to give ourselves a break. Beating the desk or our heads against the wall will not help. We need to generate more leads so that we have more opportunities to close more business.

A real estate agent neighbor of mine years ago told me in a sort of bragging way that he had a million dollar closing coming up next month. I thought “Oh no. what if that deal falls apart for some unknown reason?…this guy is going to be so depressed that I don’t want to even think about the consequences. We cannot put all of our eggs in one basket and hope that the basket pays off. We have to distribute the eggs into several baskets so that one deal cannot ruin our week or month!

Grab more leads, make more contacts and work with the ones that seem workable and put the other ones in a constant contact list but work them as if they will become something later. Betting on a single transaction or getting angry that people do what people do is a recipe for disaster.

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