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In some ways “Yes” and in some ways “No” Qazzoo is like a dating site because like a dating site the user can read something about the person’s profile which is completely different from any other lead generation site. But that is pretty much the end of the similarities. Dating sites are all about filtering through profiles that may or may not be accurate, updated or even real. Qazzoo uses a search engine to allow people to find each other by the interest of the other person. That is why we have patents on the process that is Qazzoo’s main functionality. This ability to search is more like a traditional search engine with the difference being the results on Qazzoo are people whose interests they have indicated and who want their needs met by someone who can help them rather than results that are businesses.

Regardless many people describe Qazzoo as similar to a dating site and that is not too far off. The difference is that on Qazzoo the professional can search for the interest and geographic of the consumer and not just filter through a million profiles that may or may not be interested in the same thing that the searcher is interested in.

Dating sites are also notorious for having old profiles online in order to inflate the number of profiles they have online. Qazzoo time stamps each and every profile so that the merchant and consumer both have knowledge of when the profile was added to the search engine. This way no one is surprised by a call or email and everyone is on the same page. Surprises are not always welcome.

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