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As we go about our chosen path we may become a landlord from time to time. And from time to time a tenant can become difficult to work with. They may even take out their issues with their job or spouse on the home that they were contractually responsible for. In these cases it is important to distance ourselves from the situation and allow the law to work in our favor. This can be done with a signed acceptance form that says that the home is in good condition when the tenant took occupancy as well as photos of the homes interior and exterior.

Handshake deals are fine when we are talking about betting with our friends on a football game but when it comes to a large asset such as a home we need to take extra precautions and make sure that everyone knows that we are a stickler for following rules.

inspectionTenants leave unexpectedly, they tear a home up after a night of disappointment in their lives. In short Qazzoo has seen tenants do things that are completely illogical but they are done all the time. We need to be prepared for this and not get caught unaware of the likelihood of the worst case scenario. If the tenant knows that we are by law able to make visits to the property and inspect the condition they are less likely to do any damage other than the normal wear and tear.

If the tenant is not willing to play by the rules we have no option than to call the police and try to gain entry using our leasing contract. This is a hard thing for many of us to do as we try to see the good in any situation but the rose-colored glasses are hard to see through as we try to find the good in everyone. Some people have a hard time with rules and contracts and feel that the landlord is their enemy. We cannot let this perception on their part distort our perception of the situation.

Someone is doing damage to a home is the same as stealing money. If we would not allow them to come into our home and rob us we should not let them do damage with an asset we entrusted to them. Qazzoo has seen many homes that had long-term, timely paying tenants but we have also seen the opposite too often to ignore the possibility of it re-occurring.

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