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A convergence of Ground Breaking social search and traditional methods of doing business

Over the past year Qazzoo has been introducing the world of lead generation to a completely new system that allows the business owner or real estate professional to select the people that they believe they can help. This new model has been wildly successful with thousands of real estate pro’s and real estate consumers.

Another thing that we have learned is that part of the value proposition was confusing many of the members of Qazzoo. In order to simplify the process we are launching a new system and putting the concept of credits on the back burner until more pros are comfortable with that concept.


Lessons well learned are drawn from our years of introducing new products and services to the online community. Back in the 90’s we introduced the world to dynamic websites that provided geo-targeted advertisements. The concept took literally years for the advertisers to become comfortable with. Today the world seems to run on the concept but that was over a decade ago that we introduced it.

This brings us to Qazzoo and the newest online lead generation platform. Combining social media and search engine technology, Qazzoo has flipped the script on traditional lead gen. Qazzoo allows the professional to select the consumer that they believe they can serve instead of the traditional method of fielding phone calls and receiving email leads at all times of the day from whoever stumbles on your site.  It is really pretty simple. We recently removed some of the features that our members had identified as somewhat confusing.

As difficult as it was we removed the credits and shares portion of the system in favor of a more traditional online method of one click to claim. Now Qazzoo is even more like Google and Bing with one click getting straight through to the desired information. The big difference is that Qazzoo provides one click to real estate leads instead of clicking through to a company website. This social search method is amazingly simple and we hope that new members and existing members are finding the system easier to use and more time efficient.

Real estate leads generation is so labor intensive and time-consuming that it hinders the availability to create real business as we are trapped in the never-ending wheel of advertising.


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