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Like anything that is worth doing Qazzoo is worth doing right and to do things right we are constantly changing and improving the system that is Qazzoo. With several patents on social search engine technology, we are obviously the first to create such a platform. What happens when you are first at anything is there is no guide-book to follow and therefore the world is one big confusing ball of data, information, statistics and a constant flow of new ideas. Real estate leads are not what Qazzoo is all about. Qazzoo is about improving connectivity between local consumers and local professionals. We started with real estate but that is not the end goal. The end goal is to be able to assist consumers and professionals in every industry that can benefit from connecting with each other without the complexity and expense of what is now considered “traditional online advertising”.

world-changing-ideas-2011_1We have seen the cost of each click on Google raise from 50 cents to well over $1.20 which prices out the average business owner and leaves the majority of small and medium-sized businesses in a wake of confusion and befuddlement. Bing follows Google like an 8-year-old girl dressing like her teen age sister. Every time Google puts on taller heals, Bing sneaks into Google’s closet and steals the over sized platform in the attempt to keep up.  The end result is that real estate (our example) has become more and more fractured and small companies that once were on a more even playing field are not able to commit the resources or the man power to learn the complexities of the old system let alone stay ahead of the newest and greatest tools in the dashboard of these behemoth advertising platforms.

Guys stop by our office every other day with flyers for pizza delivery and new sub shops. This old school method is the last thing left for these guys. Do a search for sub sandwiches and you will see Subway and every other franchised, large and well-financed company. Imagine trying to start a new local business today and think about how it would be done 10 years ago when yellow pages and print advertising was an option for everyone and you did not need to be a computer science major to place an ad?

Those options are not available today and what is left is a serious pain in the backside.

This is what made us sit down for about two years and build Qazzoo. This disconnect between pros and consumers that is created by the consolidation or extinction of advertising options is what drove us to come up with a different and we believe superior option for both the consumer and the real estate professional.

Qazzoo is the reverse of traditional cost per click and we are extremely proud of that fact. Qazzoo real estate leads are cheap, good and easy to access.


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