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dislikeFacebook is the best thing since Google hit the web with a thud that shook the earth and caused us to collectively scratch our heads and wonder why no one had been able to create a search engine that worked half as well. Google was great because it did one simple thing really well. Of course it has improved and added different features over the decade or so it ruled the world, but at the end of the day todays Google is not much more than an improved version of what it always was.  What it was, was the best search engine that has ever been available, which is no small feat. But then the world shifted on its axis and Facebook knocked Google off of its perch through social media. The Qazzoo team has been active on social media for years and the only Qazzoo complaints about social media surround the issue of the lack of focus of the major platforms. There are groups but they don’t bring people together from opposite ends of any given business. These Qazzoo complaints about social media are answered via the Qazzoo social media search engine which brings together the consumer and the business for the mutual benefit of both.

When a consumer submits a profile with a request for products or services, the profile and request are added to the Qazzoo search engine and it is able to be found by local real estate professionals that have determined that they can service the needs of the home buyer/consumer. This is where the social media ball has been dropped by both Facebook and LinkedIn. Most people today don’t even have a copy of Yellow pages in their home. The majority of people under the age of 25 have never used a Yellow pages printed directory. So connecting with local businesses is not the focus when they are making buying decisions. Geographic boundaries have been eliminated for thousands of business across the globe but some industries require a local professional and finding one is growing harder every day for the consumer while strangling local real estate professionals. Qazzoo brings a completely new approach to this problem and feel that by using Qazzoo complaints about this missing piece will eventually be eliminated as people are once again able to connect for mutually beneficial reasons with a simple and easy to use platform.


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