Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Bob: “Hey John”selfie

John: “Yah?”

Bob: “I got an idea…hold this gun and take a selfie and then post it on Facebook”

John: “I would but I have an important job interview in the morning”

Bob: “Don’t worry, take off your shirt so I can iron it for you and wear this ball cap sideways”

John: “What the heck. As long as it doesn’t make me late for my job interview tomorrow. Hand me the AK 47…”

Ladies and Gentlemen, this scene is played out throughout America every evening. Two unsuspecting, good, clean and wholesome young people preparing for a job interview in order to better their lives and the lives of their family. Yet they forget the one essential truth about taking a selfie and posting it on Facebook. That truth is that AK’s don’t look as cool as Uzi’s… No that is not where we were going. The essential truth is that people are on Facebook for only two reasons. One of those reasons is to try to determine the character and judgment of a potential new employee. The second reason and final reason that people visit Facebook is to post pictures of themselves that they would not want seen by the same people who are the only ones interested in them.

A stretch too far perhaps but the point (really) is that people don’t go to Facebook to research the best real estate company in their area or which mortgage company has the best rates. Sure, Bing allows people to search on Facebook and that may eventually catch on. But for the here and now, people visit Facebook for every reason except to do business. Going to Facebook is about leisure. It is an escape from the seriousness of the world not at all the type of foot traffic you would want walking into your real estate office.

You: Hey you with the pajamas!”bitcoin

Them: “Me?”

You: Yes you. The one with the glazed look and multiple identities.

Them: What?

You: Ya wanna buy a house?

Them: Sure, I would love to buy a home. I was saving up for a cow for my fake farm but I think a new home would be just the thing…One question though?

You: Great, what is it?

Them: Do you accept Bitcoin?

This would work out every day on Facebook if anyone ever replied to your question. It was meant to illustrate that Facebook is not where you ask for real estate business or where you post a shirtless picture of yourself holding a gun while wearing a sideways hat, the day before you go to a job interview… But people keep doing it.


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