Q A Z Z O O . C O M


It was early in the concept stages of the development of Qazzoo that we determined the following…Social media had little to no geographic functionality. This is key to real estate agents and millions of small businesses around the world. This geographic dilemma was one of the most difficult of the complaints to try to solve in an elegant way. Remembering that what allowed the internet to take off in the first place was that there were no geographic restrictions and that the removal of borders and boundaries allowed for an incredible growth cycle. We understood that when you limit something geographically you also limit its growth.

Social media was used primarily for what it was intended to be, which is social. The more friends you have the better you feel about yourself and the more likely you are to continue building friendships using whatever platform it is that offers that to you. Yet in commerce the life-cycle of a relationship can be 10 minutes which does not always lend itself to a long-term social engagement.

circleSocial media is not selective. In 2009 a post or tweet would be blasted out to whoever was following you or you were friends with. This meant that parents would get the same information as contemporaries. (This has been solved in large part by Google with Circles and COPIED BY FACEBOOK)

Asking for what you wanted would not put you in touch with one who could supply it. Posting that you wanted to buy a designer handbag would not alert Gucci of your desire.

Directly offering goods or services is seen as being “unsocial” Post that you have a new listing and your number of friends will quickly diminish.

After reviewing all of the complaints from the small business community we then started to design a system that combined social media and with geographic search based concepts and began to build Qazzoo (working title at the time was LiveBuyers.com) and like any living, growing company the system takes on new forms every day. New features and functions are added or removed if they are not working as intended. New content is added daily. All in the hopes of solving the complaints that we heard about social media from the people who were left behind whenever really smart college students design something. They tend to leave out the adults that need to use the same sort of technology in order to generate more business in order to pay their own kids college tuition.


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