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The Qazzoo team has been working toward the launch of Qazzoo for years and has been designed to reconnect real estate professionals with the homebuyers that desire to buy a home who are not able to connect with the right real estate professionals in their desired market. What used to be as easy as falling off of a log has become a great deal more complicated for both consumers and the local business’. It seems that technology has once again become a stumbling block between the two groups as large faceless entities have dominated the search and advertising spaces online.

smashQazzoo complaints have come from both sides of a transaction for some time with consumers unable to reach out to the desired professionals and the real estate professionals standing by waiting for someone to click on their advertisement. The answer that Qazzoo provides is a reverse search, anti-advertising platform that allows consumers to tell the local business exactly what they want and the local business to search by those criteria and connect with the consumers directly. Qazzoo complaints from local professionals range from the expense of Cost Per Click advertising to the difficulty and time invested in search engine optimization and most things in between.

Search engine traffic when generated through Cost Per Click averaged $1.24 per click last year. That is not too much to pay if your site is so fantastic that you can afford $124.00 every hundred clicks but that is not a viable option for most local businesses. Since the average website has a conversion rate below 1% this means that the average real estate agent trying to compete in the Cost Per Click category will be paying close to $150 per lead generated.

Qazzoo complaints about SEO or Search Engine Optimization are not about the expense but the time and constantly changing science of meta tags, short and long tail URL’s and what is good and bad content. These complaints are just one of the reason the Qazzoo team created a system where there is a straight forward approach to generating business that does not depend on the online behemoths and their secret algorithms but puts the power of connecting in the hands of the people who want to connect.


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