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online-personalities-social-networkThis was one of the main drivers of creating Qazzoo from the very outset. How can a home buyer  determine who is the right agent for them? Will the agent they call want to work with them? Is the agent compatible with their personality? Is the agent one of those bulldogs that bark and snarl when it comes to making a decision or are they more of a self-service type when what is really needed is the classic hand holder?

There are so many types of people and so many types of real estate agents that the most common complaints that Qazzoo hears have nothing to do with real estate and everything to do with the people involved in the transaction. Buyer, seller, real estate agent, loan officer, settlement company, it is people who make up the industry and should not be surprising that people make up the majority of the complaints about the industry.

Let’s face it, buying or selling a home is a stressful endeavor and with stress comes personality conflicts and expectations that are not met.  This is the natural order of the universe and the only way we can keep this from making us blubbering idiots is to take a deep breath and remember that the other person is a person too and they are probably doing the best job they can at the same time we think they are checked out or should be checked in.


Forgiveness is the better part of our nature and patience is the best solution to the issues of conflict.

If buying a home was easy there would be 100% home ownership. But that is not the case. The average is just over 50% across the country with peaks and valleys depending on state and city. But the 50% of those Americans that do buy homes are all in for a bit of a hassle. No one likes to have their financials out in front for the world to see, no one wants to answer questions about a late car payment. But that is all part of qualifying to buy a home. So don’t be surprised when a perfectly normal looking person becomes a lunatic because someone may have gone through their underwear drawer recently.


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