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As covered in a previous article there is a marked difference between the complaint and the concerns that we here from home buyers and home sellers in today’s economic landscape. The complaint is that the average household income has declined by $4,000 a year, or declined by $24,000 over the past 6 years. This decline in income has many negative effects on the family that may have been living well before the collapse. The family that was struggling before the collapse however is sure to have either lost their home or has been on the verge of losing it as so many homeowners found themselves underwater on their mortgage and therefore saw no way clear of the albatross around their necks.

drowning_imageThat has been the complaint. The concern is “When will it end?” and the answer is that no one knows. Economists from every prestigious universities come together and argue the recession is over and we are now on a slow recovery.

The problem with the concept of a slow recovery is that it is also unstable. This concern regarding the economy is made more dramatic by the inability to have the government work together to solve the problems that have plagued the average family. So as Qazzoo complaints vary in veracity the issue of the economy looms largest. And as far as the root cause of the complaint it is the concern that things don’t seem to have improved over the past 6 years. The single thing that is most beneficial to address both the complaint and underlying concern is to share this information with your family and people you trust with the belief that the speaker will soon become the listener as we are all subject to the same circumstances.


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