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The Qazzoo Company designed the Qazzoo Search Engine to work for both the real estate professional and the real estate consumer by giving both the opportunity to have control of their experience. As both sides of the equation are left open to the members of Qazzoo, both sides of the equation also have the ability to manage their profile and therefore find who they want to work with more effectively than sending out blind requests or receiving blind requests. While intermediaries put themselves between the consumer and the professional and make their money by getting between the two interested parties, Qazzoo is completely open to both parties and that is both refreshing and can be at times frustrating.

refreshingThe refreshing part is that home buyers are no longer making calls to agents that cannot help them. Every agent is different and not all real estate agents serve all sectors of the geographic area or each financial tier of the market. Loan officers likewise do not all have the same loan programs to offer. Some loan officers pride themselves on helping people with getting a mortgage in particular financial windows while other loan officers are only able to work with home buyers with a particular credit score. We understand that all buyers are not alike as we understand all loan officers are not alike. This is what makes Qazzoo so different from anything else available and this difference we hope is a refreshing change to the traditional pitfalls that impact buying or selling a home.

Conversely Qazzoo offers its own variety of frustrations because unlike advertising campaigns, Qazzoo is not fire and forget. Qazzoo is proactive and requires that the members be proactive also.

Loan officers and Real Estate agents that have the most success on Qazzoo don’t allow people to discourage them with blow off answers. If the professional approaches the home buyer as an opportunity to sell themselves and their services, Qazzoo can be a great resource. If on the other hand the professional thinks that every lead is a roll over deal in a bag, they will be sorely disappointed. Service and follow up are essential to secure the faith and trust of anyone that is interested in buying or selling a home. In order to provide the service the real estate professional must be prepared to follow up on each potential client. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up are the words to live by when using a proactive site like Qazzoo.

trashIf the real estate professional wants to make one call and throw the lead away if they don’t sign an escrow check over the phone they are better served by looking at methods of business generation that don’t deliver the volume of Qazzoo. Qazzoo was built for the “Go Getter” and not the “Also Ran” real estate professional. People who know how to build trust through follow up and create long term relationships by providing service are professing their love for the Qazzoo company and the Qazzoo search engine every day. People who are not accustomed to the craft of selling and want to take orders as they may have done before the recession will not find Qazzoo very beneficial. They will get something out of it but they will not get the full Qazzoo experience.


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