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While the average click on a search engine runs an average of $1.24, the average cost to unlock a home buyers profile on Qazzoo runs less than $3.00. If the math is extrapolated, a single lead on a search engine costs the advertiser ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS because the cost per click is so high and the conversion rate is so low (less than 1%). In short a lead from Google/Bing will cost 40 times more than a lead from Qazzoo. To add more pain to the Google/Bing equation the advertiser has to manage the advertising account which is as close to rocket science as you can get without working at NASA.

Not sure if you believe this?

googlebingDo a quick Google search for “Real Estate” in your city. The results will not be local real estate professionals. You may find one but wait 15 minutes and do it again and they are gone. That is because they tried it and failed. One hundred dollars can be gone in 5 minutes without a single lead being generated. Local agents have been known to spend thousands of dollars without generating a single lead. This is not unusual and there is no one to blame. There are no quick fixes. Generating new business online is probably the least understood and most necessary part of a real estate agents job. That is why the Qazzoo company was created and that is why the company has created the first search engine of its type. Imagine a search engine that provides interested buyers and sellers to the user. A search that is made possible by having thousands of home buyers and sellers profiles added to Qazzoo each day. People that have had the same experience as the real estate professional. That experience being that no one can get hold of the right person on the opposite side of the equation.

Real estate professionals don’t fully grasp the problems that face homebuyers when it comes to finding someone who they want to work with and who wants to work with them. Many home buyers report in our Qazzoo company surveys that they are not receiving phone calls back from their inquiries. Meanwhile many real estate agents report that they are contacted by home buyers that do not fit their ideal profile. To solve this Qazzoo allows all parties to view the profile of the person that they may or may not decide to work with. This way all parties are provided a more likely beneficial experience and are less likely to spin their wheels and spend their money needlessly.

In closing the average real estate professional  using Google or Bing can generate 1 lead or using Qazzoo the same real estate agent or loan officer can generate 41 leads for the same price. The decision seems pretty simple, however some people prefer the plug and play, fire and forget method of doing business. Everyone is different. Every home buyer or seller profile on Qazzoo represents an opportunity. It is up to the sales person to make the sale but Qazzoo is a far better bet than advertising on Google or Bing.


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