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In order to create the largest community of home buyers and real estate professionals Qazzoo continually strives to provide the most comprehensive service to all parties. Real estate professionals that are not members of the Qazzoo community do not have access to the contact information of the home buyers and home sellers on Qazzoo. The Qazzoo professional members that do have access are limited to four real estate agents and four loan officers. The driving force of Qazzoo is to provide the real estate community with a platform that allows the right professionals to connect to the clients that they feel they can service most effectively.

To this end some of the consumer information is available to the professionals that search the Qazzoo engine. After identifying the consumer that the professional believes they can assist they are able to unlock the contact information. There is no obligation on the part of the consumer to work with anyone that selects their profile and there is no obligation on the part of the professional to select someone that they don’t feel they can help. This is a network opportunity that if used as intended allows the local professional to generate new business by connecting and communicating with home buyers and sellers in order to present their services and earn the business of new clients. For this reason Qazzoo suggests several measures to insure a greater number of clients desire to work with the members of Qazzoo.


1. Create the most effective profile.

As each consumer profile is unlocked by a real estate professional, Qazzoo emails the consumer the profile of the professional. This profile is like an expanded business card and can reflect anything that the professional desires. The best professional profiles include information that is both professional and personal. People like to work with people that they like. The more likeable the profile the more likely that the homebuyer will have a positive impression before the first conversation. People like to work with people with whom they have something in common. The more personal the more chances there are that people will share interests.

2. Don’t waste time emailing.

As Qazzoo has already emailed the potential client the professionals profile, drafting and sending an email is of little value. The best use of time is to make a phone call to the number the consumer provided on their Qazzoo profile. Phone calls should always be short and sweet and leave the home buyer desiring to speak to the person leaving the voice mail. Phone calls should be made several times as the world has become a busier and more communicative place. We cannot expect the home buyer to call us back after leaving a single voice mail. The very nature of Qazzoo is one that intentionally puts the power in the hands of both the consumer and the professional. The consumer needs to be convinced that the professional is willing to work for their business.

3. If you do email, make it effective.

If a professional is going to send an email. Make that email count by providing photos of a couple of different homes that fit the buyers buying profile. If the profile is for a seller, information about the professionals listings that have sold recently could be more effective. A combination of both could be more confusing than beneficial.


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