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photoThe construction of a website is often the first step in building more business for real estate agents and loan officers. This first step seems like it should do the trick when it is being built, but the truth is that a website is just the first step and is not the end of the journey. Building a site is a small part of the entire equation. Getting homebuyers there is the next step and that step can become very expensive and the results are going to be based on the calls to action that the site has built-in to it.

Those are the first steps of the entire process with the most difficult step being getting people to the site. Unfortunately getting the buyers to a site can be more expensive than just the money that search engines charge. We have to be ready to create the ads and manage the account. The search engine management is the most complicated process that has been created since hyper space travel.

The best way to generate business is to get the leads to come to you. That is what Qazzoo does and that is why the site was created to begin with.

There is nowhere else that a real estate professional can go to search, select and connect with an interested home buyer or seller.

Try it. Searching is absolutely free and see who is available to connect with. Just input the zip code that you want to do business in and the results will be like something you have never seen before, because it has never been done before and we did it for you.


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