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No more what? No more geographic restrictions? No more bogus leads? No more long-term contracts? No more leads shoved into our email box that we know nothing about?

How can this be? These are long-standing rules regarding how we do business today with the advertising platforms online. Wait…that is the exact point. Qazzoo has broken all the traditional rules and will continue too. Because Qazzoo isn’t traditional advertising. Qazzoo skips all the steps of online advertising by eliminating all the pain points that have been forced upon real estate professionals that come from advertising in the digital age.

breakrulesNo geographic restrictions are possible as Qazzoo reverses the process of having the home buyers search for homes by allowing the agent or loan officer to search for the buyers or sellers instead. Just as the home buyers are not restricted geographically, Qazzoo provides the same freedom to search to the real estate professional.

No bogus leads is made possible by creating a multitude of filters that work to restrict the search engine from people who have created profiles with obvious bad numbers and email addresses. Some will out clever the technology as they try to discover different ways to break something. But for these profiles that do get past the many filters we have created the Flag Data Feature that allows the real estate professional to flag the profile and have it removed from the search engine and receive another lead in its place at no cost.

With Qazzoo the real estate agent or loan officer can hand select the leads that they want to work with. There are no more blind leads being dumped into your email box that you know nothing about until you pick up the phone. With Qazzoo the real estate professional can read all the information the consumer has submitted before unlocking the profiles contact information.

We have garnered some pretty high praise from Yahoo finance and a number of others for our efforts in creating a new and more efficient method of generating business and we have plans to make more sweeping changes in the coming quarter. Stay tuned and give us your feedback, we are here to help business people do more business.


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