Q A Z Z O O . C O M


I hope this blog is able to openly communicate the ups and downs that we at Qazzoo have undergone and will undergo as the project moves forward. I hope that by reading this, the reader can learn from the countless mistakes that we are undoubtedly going to make before and after launch. I will change names every so often just to keep myself out of court.

Bit on the background of Qazzoo

We have been working on Qazzoo.com for about 28 months and we have determined two things:

  1. There needs to be an alternative business solution to search engine optimization, pay per click and social marketing and
  2. We can build it.


The alternative would be a consumer powered search engine. Meaning a search engine that allowed the people who use it to be in charge of how it operates and how it continues to build out. We may find out that Qazzoo is the answer to the question that no one asked, but after years of passive online advertising and getting taken advantage of by everyone from Google to 16 year old spam corps we felt that we were uniquely suited for the purpose. We felt like Qazzoo could solve a lot of problems for people like us. I mean, me. Really, who tests the usability of the Google dashboard before they launch a new tool set? Is Stephen Hawking their focus group?

I personally ran our company Cost per Click campaign in the 90’s and somewhat into the early part of the 2000’s. I couldn’t do it today if you held a gun to my head. It may not be too complicated? It may not take too much time? It may not have too steep a learning curve? It may not be too expensive, but it has enough of each to keep millions of businesses from being able to use it.

The difficulty of doing business online is the primary problem that Qazzoo is determined to answer. Here we all are in late 2011 with a crappy economy while simultaneously small business’ are finding it increasing difficult to get their message out. As a business owner most of my life I don’t know what the answer to the economy is but I can say without a shadow of doubt that I know NO small offline business owner who has been successful with their CPC advertising campaign. So what are they supposed to do? Wait for the Newspaper industry to rise from the ashes?

If you have read this far, please comment if I go off on a tangent that wastes your time?

Anyway, what is a business supposed to do in 2012 when all of the old methods no longer work? That is the question I obsessed over while home with the flu awhile back. It was during a spike in my fever that I realized that for businesses social media sucks every bit as much as SEO and PPC! I mean for people like me. People that don’t like to chat online about what they are wearing and who is hotter than who. A lot of people just want results without the treasure hunt. Some people want to get in and get out. Some people don’t doddle. They really don’t like to shop all day and they don’t want to surf online into the wee hours of the night. They are not that interested in Dancing with the Stars and they can’t get their business message heard while at the same time the economy continues to go down faster than a Kardashian at a post game party.

Will Qazzoo be the answer? Follow this blog and you will know everything that we know when we know it.