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Qazzoo is proud to start announcing some of the most proactive Real Estate Professionals in the market today by naming the Hero of the Week award to some of the best Real Estate Professionals that we know of. If you are or know someone who is a Real Estate hero let us know so that we can give them the recognition that they deserve. It is not always about selling the most houses or selling the highest price house in the area. Many times we recognize someone for just being out there and trying harder than anyone else. It is because without trying, working hard and being diligent to achieve ones goals, the goals of the home buying public cannot be met. We as real estate professionals are in a service industry and we are judged on the service that we provide. It is for these reasons that we look at all applicants for this award and make our determination for who should receive the award of Hero of the Week.

heroLet us know who your hero is or if in fact you are a hero so that we can recognize the efforts that are required to be successful in our changing industry.

BTW I personally believe that bloggers should be considered candidates for Hero of the Week since without them many Real Estate professionals would walk blindly into the desert or live a life of complete and utter boredom. So, think about others in our industry beyond those directly responsible for the sale or financing of homes. Think about people like…perhaps…..me?


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