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All we need is “More”…The following is a true story and can be compared to real estate leads and what we all really want as well as how to get it.

During a Christmas morning a little girl opens another gift from her grandparents and squeals with joy as she sees another doll in a pretty dress. She has barely un-wrapped the doll before she is on to the next prettily wrapped gift, tearing it open with the energy reserved only for the preteen years of our lives. As she grabs hold of the next toy or doll or game, still wrapped with care she says to the adoring grandparents “Just what I wanted!” Her grandfather, knowing that she has not seen what is under the wrapped gift asks “What did you want?” The little girl with a large smile on her face says with all the honesty in her little heart replies “More.” That was all she wanted. That is all most of the world wants. “More”

xmasMore money, more love, more of everything that is good and more on top of that is even better. More business that we can profit from is just one of the aspects of “more” We are only humans and it is not necessarily greed that makes us want more of something. It can be as simple as getting our goals met or having a feeling of comfort and assurance.

We all know that we need leads to convert into sales. Qazzoo real estate leads are similar to unwrapping a gift. When we are out to generate more real estate closings we first need to get more real estate leads in order to make this happen. The more leads, the more opportunity, the more opportunity the more chances we have at getting more business that turn into transactions which means more income for our families to enjoy the bounty of our work.

We are not so different from the little girl when it comes to presents. When we look at each lead as a present we are not judging the present, we are recognizing it for what it is and that is opportunity. What we do with that opportunity is up to us. Don’t believe it? Check out our next post coming out on 6/25/15 “Same Leads, Different Outcomes.”

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