Q A Z Z O O . C O M


qazzoonameWe get asked this a lot and the answer is always the same. Qazzoo was meant to be an ancient word from a lost language that means community. The community is what holds us all together and we felt that it would make a great name for what we were building at Qazzoo. Most people don’t realize that because the language is ancient and not used by more than a handful of people. But we liked it and gosh the name was available as a URL which is twice as nice.

Communities are built on relationships of trust and knowledge of the others in the community. Communities are also constantly changing and adapting or they are no longer viable communities and we are always working on ways to improve Qazzoo and the community that it represents.

Some people compare Qazzoo to a dating site as we allow people to select each other rather than having a bunch of blind dates. We think it is more than that as we don’t focus on getting people touching everyone on the site but to instead use the ability to select who they want to work with and then work with them rather than sending a bunch of emails to strangers and hope that they are still interested in what they were initially interested in when they created their profile.

So in truth the name Qazzoo, is meant to denote community but using an ancient language did not really work out well. So we came up with Qazzoo as a word with no real meaning. We wanted to separate ourselves from other sites and not seem like anything else that already existed. It can be tough to spell as we left out the “U” which normally follows a “Q” but again in the effort of standing out from the crowd we wanted to leave the letter out. Pronouncing Qazzoo is easy. It is spoken in the same way we say that instrument that we blew on as children…Kazoo, but that is as far as we have gone with that word as we don’t want to be associated with an aggravating instrument of parents suffering either. In all finding a name that was not like anything else was more difficult than one might think. We hope that you are able to say it the way it was meant to be spoken but it doesn’t really matter as long as the users are getting the benefits from using Qazzoo people can say it any way they like.

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