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This has long been the mantra of the most productive people in real estate and in other industries. This mantra is an important thought to allow to run through a persons’ head. To keep the momentum of the day to continue after a successful closing or if we are just trying to get going in the morning. The world is so full of distractions that it is getting more difficult all the time to keep focused on the minimum necessary tasks, let alone being effective during every given moment of the day.


Staying focused demands getting focused first.

Too often we get caught in the minutia of the moment and forget the big picture until it’s too late. We look at today and forget that tomorrow is going to come our way in about 24 hours and we have to be prepared for it. The important thing about getting focused is first to look at the longer term goals that we have and then work backwards to the present.

Here is an example of a real estate agents annual sales goal and how it was broken down into three smaller, easily achieved steps.

Goal = Sell 50 homes within the next twelve months.

  1. That equals 4.5 homes sold a month
  2. That requires 1.5 houses sold per week
  3. Which means twelve to fifteen leads per week are required (assuming a closing percentage of 10%)

productiveNotice the requirements are rounded upwards to allow for slower periods and to be sure that the goals are met.

When we look at the goal at first it seems larger than when we break it down and when we follow the steps we wind up achieving or exceeding our goal.

This was an actual break down for someone hitting their goal of 50 sales per year but the goal could have easily been 25 or 100. The really bad news is that the following year the goal has to be reassessed and of course increased…Sorry.


Basing sales goals on personal income makes the goal less tangible and the goal becomes blurry. If we were playing in a basketball game the goal is to score points. Rebounds and three pointers are bonuses but if we focus on these things we can get lost and forget our single and clearly focused goal.  If we allow other issues to enter into a sales goal such as brokers fees or cost of advertising we are less likely to hit the sales goal. Reducing overall expenses and spending more time with family and friends are also valuable goals but should be goals of their own with their own action plans.


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