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We like to feel special and when someone makes us feel special we like them more than someone who didn’t make us feel special. Not special like a child needs to feel special but how a human likes to feel special. Provided special attention and not made to feel like a horned steer in a corral of someone else’s construction. That is why Qazzoo creates emails that introduce our real estate professionals to the home buyers and sellers that they select to unlock with a personal touch. That is why Qazzoo provides photos of the home buyers and sellers when possible and a default pic when it is not possible.

No matter how shy or outgoing the person the fact is they want to feel special in order to be an individual and not as a crowd. This is what we face when we send out blind emails or when we don’t return phone calls in a timely fashion. When someone we speak with is made to feel special they are more likely to want to work with us. When we receive an email that doesn’t have our name in it we don’t feel that we need to read it nearly as much as when we receive one that does. If the email has our name we feel that someone took the time to look into our business before sending us a proposal that requires action on our part.

Coke recently had a great personalization campaign

Subject lines such as:
“Homes near you” are less than 50% as likely to be read as “Kevin, here is a house I thought you might like”

The second email illustrates three points:

  1. It has the recipient’s name in the subject line
  2. It says that we thought about what Kevin might like
  3. It is posed as a question which means that action on Kevin’s part is more likely

After all we want Kevin to receive our email and then take some action. If Kevin were to call or email back with a negative response that is better than him never opening the email as it creates dialogue. Dialogue creates relationships and that is what we do. Relationship builders are good communicators and are able to work around the technology that sometimes comes between people.

If we have to ask for some tech help to personalize our emails that is a small price to pay to personalize our messages.


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