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Joe Sheldon
Joe Sheldon
REALTOR - Keller Williams
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Qazzoo has been one of the best lead sources I've ever used. Even after just a few weeks, my agents are loving the flexibility with the platform, and I love the ability to really target just the leads we want. I was very skeptical at first, but they have lived up to my high expectations! And John has been incredibly response and flexible in setting up my team's accounts.
Eric Press
Eric Press
REALTOR with Weichert
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I started my real estate career beginning of 2020 and my first closing with Qazzoo took about 2 months. When I started out, I googled lead gen companies and looked into a few, but Qazzoo caught my eye for a number of reasons. They are month to month with no contracts and most importantly, they are very affordable. In the beginning I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of volume/leads I was receiving. But after I developed a routine and was able to incorporate Qazzoo leads into my day to day, it all started working out. At one point, I had to pause the service for a month just to catch up on leads that I was behind on. When I finally caught up, I was able to continue the service the month after. What really sold me was that they do not limit you geographically. A lot of companies out there limit you to a zip code or two, but with Qazzoo I'm covering 4 large counties and I love that I am able to filter buyer vs. seller leads in any area. I have developed a great relationship Porsha and Nikki over at their client services department. Whenever I have a question regarding their services, they always help me out and I am always satisfied. I'm looking forward to the future with Qazzoo and can always expect something to come out of it.
Bob Sophiea
Bob Sophiea
REALTOR with Keller Williams
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I have been a client with Qazzoo for a little over a year now and I am very pleased with their services. There are a lot of other lead gen companies out there but Qazzoo does things that most companies can't compete with. My rep Tom Pappas has always had my best interest, and their customer support team is fantastic. Qazzoo offers so much information on the lead that your able to view up front before even claiming it. If for some reason the lead turns out to be a non-workable lead, you are able to return that lead and simply re-pick a new one. I made my money back from Qazzoo a long time ago and I have also referred other agents to their platform because they offer a very nice referral program which I take advantage of. If you are in the market for a new lead service, I advise you to look into Qazzoo. And they have made it into the top 10 of my source list!

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