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It all depends on the individual. If the real estate agent wants to received blind leads that only have a phone number and maybe an email address, than passive advertising methods offered by sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com may be the best use of their advertising dollars. Passive is fine and has worked for years for the millions of small businesses.

decisionAt Qazzoo we felt that a stronger more proactive approach would be a better way of generating not just a number of leads but the right lead for the real estate agent that is able to select the real estate leads they want to work with. Connecting the right home buyer with the right real estate agent is the very important so that all parties get what they want from the investment that they are making.

No cash on hand, bad credit and lack of a sincere desire are easily determined when viewing an online real estate lead from Qazzoo. The consumer adds as little or as much to their profile as they wish and that way we are able to determine more often the commitment of the buyer. If the buyer reports some information that we like we should unlock it but the difference between a motivated buyer with the ability to purchase and a common online lead that is not as motivated is easily detected.

As there is no right or wrong answer, it really depends on the real estate professional. The right real estate leads are a matter of if the professional wants to be proactive or passive. If the real estate agent wants to sit back and wait and react to the leads as they come in, when they come in that is their option and it is not a bad option, but if the real estate agent wants to take matters into their own hands, Qazzoo is the only lead generation platform that allows the real estate agent to see everything about the buyer or seller without committing to it. By allowing an agent to pass on a lead, the real estate lead is more likely to be selected by someone that wants to work with that home buyer and this cuts down on what some would consider bad leads while others think that the same lead works right into their wheelhouse.


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