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Personalities are like opinions and we all know about opinions and who has them. The personality question is not only which real estate leads we get along with but also who are we able to get along with in order to do more business. Some of us look for real estate leads that are just like us and that we get along with immediately. Unfortunately, we don’t always hit it off with people on the first meeting. Depending on our day and their day we could clash significantly in the short-term but become very close if given the time to allow the relationship to gel. Having the time required to create the necessary chemistry between people is essential to doing more business. Yet many of us write leads off after a single conversation. “They aren’t serious buyers” or “They have unreasonable expectations” are too often the thoughts that float through our minds while we are trying to ascertain if we can work with them.

It is far more productive to think “How can I gently explain to this person the realities of the current market”

This is the dance that we do so often that sometimes we miss a step when it comes to creating that essential bond between a real estate lead and ourselves.

Working from inside out instead of outside in is a great way to change what we are currently experiencing and making more out of each person we come in contact with.

JACKSON JORDANThis “inside out” is a concept that has been illustrated very well in a book of the same title written by Michael Neill, a life coach that is really good at providing an alternate perspective that has become very popular among the self-help guru crowd.  In full disclosure I have always been a believer in self-help and feel that my life would not be as full as it is without the coaching I have received throughout my career. I know we don’t all feel this way so I felt I had to make this point. I feel that if Michael Jordan had a coach every day of his career it can’t be a bad idea. If you are interested I have attached a link to Michael Neill’s Website.


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