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For my money I have always had more success with Google. Between Google’s click through traffic and conversion rates both being higher than any other source and the reach of Adsense which brings another dimension to Google that really cannot be compared to either of the two others.

searchI have never been able to put my finger on why this is the case and would love to read the opinions of others on this subject. All I know is that when we spend equally on Bing as we do on Google looking for a way to increase business we are always surprised at the difference and it is always the same. Google generates 5 times the click-through (not hard to figure that one out) and about 30% more conversions per click-through (that is the one I can never figure out).

I literally cannot determine if Bing users are somehow different from Google users and if they are; how to appeal to the Bing Audience. I know that both campaigns are equally hard to manage and that since like every other business we have limited human resources we cannot allocate the hours to Bing that are better spent on Google.

Bing users out there if you want to tell us what make you tick I would really appreciate it?

Google users if you want to tell us what makes Bing users tick (I would really doubt your insight) it would be appreciated.

Yahoo users…..why?

AOL users….Stop before someone gets hurt!


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