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The trouble with Pay-Per-Click advertising is the same problem with most types of passive advertising; it lacks any type of real filtration and relies on the other guy doing something. This is why PPC is not much different from outbound marketing media like radio (which I personally hate). The consumer may have no interest in your offering at all, but if they do, there are still the questions of their level of interest, knowledge of what the advertised company actually offers and willingness to perform the desired act.

The average click in a cost per click advertising campaign has been recently measured at $1.24 per click. That is painful, especially if the conversion rate is low. In addition to the direct cost of pay-per-click there is the expense and nebulous nature of the whole system.

images (1)Who clicks on the advertisement? Who is in charge of what is considered relevant? And who the hell designed the dashboard tools that are offered by Google, Bing and Facebook?

Obviously they are genius types but did they design only for other genius types? Am I just thick-headed?  It seems they designed the interface in order to maximize their profit not the advertisers. If you are not a professional advertiser or a physicist you may find that the dashboards for managing a Pay Per Click campaign are a bit too convoluted for us lowly humans.  If you are a Physicist or a Math Professor this probably doesn’t apply to you and congrats I hear Google is hiring.

Adding excruciating pain to the injury and insult is the fact that these advertising platforms are more concerned about secrecy than ease of use. This intellectual secrecy is understandable to an extent but difficult to work with. This ISPY security should add some appreciation for why it is so hard to be successful with Pay Per Click advertising.

Then the stakes are so high it’s sick. Google bills about $50 million each day and if they worked at making it easier for you there would be a thousand online sleazebag companies gaming the system. (See JC Penny’s) So everyone is in a bit of a pickle as to what to do about getting merchants and consumers together in the online world.  Qazzoo has its own set of answers and we are focused exclusively on helping the local small businesses that are continually left on the sidelines as the big boys try to outspend each other.

I still remember when a local Real Estate agent could pay 65 cents for the #1 spot for a keyword. I also remember drinking a bottle of Coke at the neighborhood gas station for a nickel. Things evolve and that sometimes sucks.


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