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Qazzoo Mission Statement

Our mission is to simplify the way consumers and local businesses engage online without advertising.

Who is Qazzoo looking for?

Bright, energetic self-starters that want to expand themselves personally and professionally. Working with Qazzoo means that you are on the cutting edge of true local business online. We are looking for people who speak internet as a first language and understand that sales is a human experience and making contact with people is important even when your online.

Who is Qazzoo?

Qazzoo brings a completely different approach to the concept of creating business for locally owned small and medium sized companies. Qazzoo is all about expanding our platform which allows consumers and merchants can interact without the costs associated with advertising.

Qazzoo was created by the same team that created the first geo-targeted online advertisement platforms in the 1990's. We have brought our unique approach to creating Qazzoo with the same basic principal of "What makes the most sense for the public, makes the most sense" which is to say that we place the emphasis on serving the needs of the users. Advertising has long been a losing proposition for local, small business so why continue with what doesn't work? Qazzoo removes all of the mystery from advertising by providing businesses with the essential information needed to determine if a consumer meets their ideal client profile. If a consumer does the business is encouraged to contact the consumer, if not…don't. Qazzoo is just that simple.

What we are

We are a revolutionary answer for local consumers and businesses who are finding it more difficult to connect without the internet getting in between them. As a blending of social media and search engine technology Qazzoo represents the newest advancements in both categories. Consumers can create and maintain their own profile on Qazzoo by removing, resubmitting or modifying their profile whenever they wish. Meanwhile local businesses can search select and connect with the consumers that match their ideal client profile and not waste money on worthless Click-Throughs or impressions. Qazzoo is what we do in our daily lives just made easier.

Outside Sales and Sales Management Positions

  • California (Northern, Central, Southern)
  • Florida (Northern, Central, Southern)
  • Maryland
  • New York (Eastern, Western)
  • New Jersey (Northern, Southern)
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania (Eastern, Western)
  • Virginia (Northern)
  • Texas (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio)
  • Washington

Technology and engineering

  • Excellent coding skills in scripting languages and frameworks such as PHP and Zend Framework
  • Experience running migrations and using SQL to manipulate database schemas
  • Deep knowledge of web technologies such as HTTP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Other Openings

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing

To Apply

Please email your Resume, Cover letter and desired position to the email address below. Please also include a short bio (less than 300 words) about yourself and your experience.

Pat. 7,813,958

Additional Patents Pending

Qazzoo, Internet Services, Annapolis, MD
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