About Qazzoo

Have you ever noticed that advertising online sucks? And have you ever counted the hours of your life you have wasted searching online? We have and we have done something about it.

For business' Qazzoo represents the alternative to the overly complicated and expensive Cost Per Click method of advertising online and for consumers Qazzoo offers a time saving revolution in finding what they are in search of.

Qazzoo is social media with a purpose and a quantum leap forward in search technology. The pivotal difference between Qazzoo and anything everything else that has come before it is that Qazzoo provides consumers as search results. The consumer requests provided on Qazzoo are posted in real time from an extensive network of websites, apps, social media and the Qazzoo platform itself.

Consumers are encouraged to supply additional information to enrich their profiles in order to generate the most relevant search results from each merchants search. When a consumer wants to shop in a particular neighborhood (for example) they may provide the exact neighborhood in their profile so that they are more easily identified and selected by the professionals that are most familiar with that community. We strongly recommend performing a search on Qazzoo and see the future of online business generation.

Consumers and Qazzoo

As a consumer you now have the ability to go to one place and submit a product or services request and have that request met by local business' that want to assist you in whatever it is you want. From Real Estate to designer shoes, from exchanging coupons to buying a new car, Qazzoo offers you the opportunity to get the best and most competitive results. Currently Qazzoo is focused exclusively on real estate and the industries that support the real estate community.

Qazzoo does not mean that consumers should stop performing searches completely. Qazzoo just means that consumers can enlist the assistance of thousands of local professionals in order to have their needs met. Qazzoo gives the power to the consumer. The consumer is always in control of their profile request and who they wish to do business with. Consumers can still waste as much time as they like by not using Qazzoo; we just do not recommended it.

Consumers are encouraged to supply as much pertinent information as possible in order to get the best possible service or product response. For example if a consumer desires a particular neighborhood or style of home they should include this information to their profile request in order to have the ideal professional request to assist them.

As a consumer's needs change or are met the consumer is able to modify, update or remove their profile. Qazzoo is secure and we understand that consumer security is of the utmost importance. Therefore every consumer profile is strictly controlled by the consumer and is held behind a password protected firewall.

Businesses and Qazzoo

Qazzoo is a simple and easy alternative to the time and expense of managing a traditional Cost Per Click campaign. After performing a search, consumer profiles will be presented to the user using our patent pending algorithm. The user need only select their ideal client profile and claim a share of the consumer's profile.

The consumer then receives an email notification introducing the local business to the consumer. The business mini bio is also included as well as a link to the business' website. The business' then have the option of contacting the consumer via phone, email, friending the consumer on facebook or sending a snail mail to the consumer. Many businesses will opt for all of the above in order to maximize the consumer interaction.

With Qazzoo there is no blind bidding for search engine placement, no more hoping that a consumer responds to your advertisement. No more hours of creative writing in order to attract the consumer. No more wasted and expensive clicks that don't lead to business. Just Search Select and Connect.

Pat. 7,813,958

Additional Patents Pending

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