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The fact that the question that is most commonly asked by real estate agents is “Are online real estate leads a scam?” should not be a surprise. One reason is the lack of transparency that historically could be measured more simply. Print media is not digital, so it is much easier to touch and feel and check.

In the days of yore when newspapers ruled the real estate advertising world the advertiser’s phone rang or it didn’t. It was pretty simple.

But now the internet comes to town carrying with it some baggage from the things that didn’t work even with good intention.

We don’t really know what is real and what is not.

  • Is the real estate lead sitting in your inbox a homebuyer?
  • A Click Zombie with nothing better to do than waste your time?
  • Or recently with Facebook, a bot?

Well only the internet knows for sure. Every lead generating platform has its potential for fraud or misuse. None are free of the Zombies that troll the web looking to waste your time, posing as real estate leads only to turn out to be an inquisitive teenager. The only solution for this issue appears to be to generate more leads and filter through them as fast as you can.

The problem with this generate more leads and filter faster approach can get pretty expensive really fast. So is it up to the real estate pro to become a real estate lead generation pro and that is a lot to ask from someone that already has a full time job. The keys are to use a mix of systems and platforms. Some that are old and trusted and some that are new. Jumping in whole hog into a new system can break the bank and leave the real estate pro wondering what happened. What doesn’t work why is pretty much down to a couple of variables:

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  • Where did the real estate lead come from? If it came from a source that is known to sell leads over and over again that is generally bad.
  • Why did the person become a real estate lead? If the person was incentivized with a drawing or a coupon that is generally bad.
  • Is the real estate lead local? Some lead generating platforms tell you where the buyer is shopping but not where they currently live. If they aren’t local it is generally bad.



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