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The second difference is that they are self-serving and therefore can tend to be less loyal.

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This is a matter of creating a relationship which is not that hard to do when we remember that real estate is a business of human relationships and not a housing business. The houses mean far less than the relationships that we build and nurture through our ability to communicate with other human beings. Technology is no substitute, information is no substitute, negotiating is no substitute for a well-balanced relationship that relies on trust and good faith.

We have all met or know a really good sales person and they generally have one thing in common. They make you feel important to them. They do this by asking questions and sometimes repeating back to us what we just told them but rephrased so that they don’t seem like parrots. This rephrasing is a tool to establish that they are listening and understand what we have told them. It is a quiet gift that they give us and that we can give to others by listening to what they are saying and taking actions that illustrate that we have heard their desires and are open to their wants and needs and are not judging them on what they have said. We don’t discount what they have said by telling them that they are wrong or that what they want doesn’t exist. We instead tell them how much what they want is desirable and then slowly communicate that what is available is (X) and what they want is (Y) and that it is better to work with (X) rather than beat themselves over the head searching in vain for (Y).


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