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Online leads are like any other leads with a couple of differences that we thought were worth pointing out.

real estate leads 101

First the difference between online leads and offline leads is that online users are generally more self service. This means that they can also be difficult to control as they have access at times to more data than the professional that is trying to help them. I use the word “data” as there is an enormous difference  between data and information. Information is what comes from collecting data and determining what is good and useful and what is not. Unfortunately most homebuyers and therefore most online real estate leads don’t understand how to differentiate the two.

This lack of clarity creates a degree of separation between the traditional real estate lead and the online lead and then furthers this with the separation between the online lead the professional that is trying to help them.

Common issues arise with online leads are that they find a house on a site that is no longer for sale. They find information about a crime spree that happened several years ago or they see an estimate of value on a site that is not even close to being accurate. This price point becomes their target price and they cannot be convinced that the price estimate was created by a program that was created for every market and has no relation to the actual price of the market that they are shopping in.

Now we are trying to convince them that we are not lying which is like convincing a vending machine to give you a free coke.

The only way around it is to head it off at the pass and tell them the foils of collecting data and digging deep wells that have no bottom before they start. This way at least you can remind them of the conversation when they are trying to convince you that the house is priced too high or that the neighborhood is unsafe.


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