Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Some of the things that make us nuts are in no particular order:

  • crazyBad Service
  • People that don’t speak our language on the phone telling us how to fix our (fill in the blank)
  • People that don’t use turn signals
  • People that don’t turn off their turn signals
  • People that laugh real loud in restaurants
  • People that make their opinions louder therefore feel right

But what really makes us nuts are people who don’t make the decision to work with us. We know we are good at what we do. We know that we provide the best service and have the best follow-up, but they don’t see it the same way. They refuse to commit to us and no matter how hard we try to find them what they are looking for they are always on the search for the perfect home.

This is what really makes us nuts.

Southwest Airlines has a policy that has helped them become the most profitable of all airline companies. The policy is that if they can’t please a customer after multiple tries, they fire the customer. That is right. THEY fire the customer.

This gives them the time and resources to make customers that can be pleased more pleased and provide the best service possible. Granted Southwest is a billion dollar company that flies a no frills airline but why can’t we implement the same policy?

If a client is not able to be made happy with all that we have to offer, we should have the fortitude to release them from our service. Like Southwest, this should give us the time we need to serve those that want to be helped and make them more satisfied with our service. This leads to more referrals and a higher rate of return clients as well as more closings that generate more income for our businesses.

Allow the problem client to become someone else’s problem client so that they can solve the issues that we could not and probably no one can.

There is no reason to be rude or tell them that they are fired. We just don’t pursue them as clients and they will eventually find someone else to make nuts.


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