Q A Z Z O O . C O M


“No thanks” is the response we get from people many times when we respond to internet leads. As Alec Baldwin said in Glen Gary Glen Ross “A guy don’t walk on the lot lest he wants to buy”

The hurdle is getting past the “No Thanks” and getting to the “That sounds interesting…tell me more?”

The hurdle from the buyer’s perspective is “How can I not have to talk to this person that wants me to make a decision that is going to change my life?”

“This person is going to try to pressure me into buying something really expensive and I may not like it”

225px-GlengarrymovieChange is difficult for most people. Change that requires effort and action is even harder. Change that takes effort, action and money? That is really tough!

It requires the skill of a therapist, the patience of a monk and the tenacity of a hound dog.

These hurdles are why we are paid as well as we are when we do go to the closing table.

Imagine a world without real estate agents and loan officers?

There would be people living in huts and wondering why they can’t live in a house like those other people.

We make the world a safe and beautiful place to live because we understand that people want to live in safe and beautiful places and we communicate that to our clients and they seek it and find it through our knowledge and experience. We just need to communicate this as quickly as possible to a potential client while not putting them off and having them think that we are vain.

The best way to do this is through a series of questions that are both strategic and help qualify the buyer/seller.

Questions that deal with their lives and how they can improve them using our services to do so.

But first we need to get passed the no thanks part of the problem.

Anyone that walks into a department store and is asked by the staff “Can I help you find something?” has said “No thanks” but that doesn’t mean you are not going to buy something or you wouldn’t be in the store.

What if the employee at the department store had said “That is a wonderful (fill in the blank) are you looking for something to match?”

That is a question without a “No Thanks” even available. The question is open-ended and will create more interaction and therefore more opportunity to sell.


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