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Qazzoo Changes Real Estate Lead Generation

ANNAPOLIS, Md., March 13, 2012 -- A new, consumer powered search engine, Qazzoo has recently launched its Beta version in most major metropolitan areas in the United States. Qazzoo offers a new way to connect local merchants with local consumers and provides a solution to the rising costs and low ROI associated with traditional online advertising.

Qazzoo plans to go live on April 1, 2012 with a particular focus on the real estate industry. "The idea is to penetrate one or two verticals at a time instead of a shallow launch across all verticals," says Michael Urbanski, CEO of Qazzoo. "We are determined to change the way people think of search engines and real estate lead generation."

Urbanski insists there is an underserved market online. "The market that Qazzoo is aiming to fill concerns the 25 million local small businesses that are not able to reach their potential clients cost effectively and consistently. Traditional online advertising, especially SEO and SEM, has proven to be too expensive for smaller brands. Qazzoo wants to level the online playing field."

Qazzoo has seen success in Beta with over 100,000 real estate leads generated in the first month. "Qazzoo is not limited to real estate and it will be expanded to include a variety of other industries in the future."

Consumers using Qazzoo can create free profiles to provide geographic information as well as detailed information regarding the products or services they are seeking. Once the profile is created, the consumer has complete control to modify, resubmit, or remove their profile at any time.

Merchants using Qazzoo can quickly and easily search consumer profiles to find hyper-local prospects that are in need of their products and services. Qazzoo allows merchants to view in-depth information about each profile free. If the merchant chooses to connect with a consumer, they can claim shares of the consumer profile and contact them directly.

"Qazzoo is about building lasting relationships between local merchants and consumers," says Urbanski. "If a consumer uses Qazzoo to buy a house, they can later modify their profile to purchase a car, receive legal or financial services for example."

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Designed to improve the online experience for consumers and small businesses, Qazzoo is a consumer powered search engine that connects consumers with local merchants.

Qazzoo was designed to bring purpose to online search in order to save time, money and energy for both consumers and merchants.

Qazzoo was created by several of the key executives of Heavy Hammer, developers of the patented MIMIAN software for geographically-focused network advertising. Based out of Annapolis, Maryland, Heavy Hammer holds an extensive portfolio of geo-targeted patents online and has a number of other patents relating to online software and business generation.

Pat. 7,813,958

Additional Patents Pending

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