Q A Z Z O O . C O M


The first month of the year is always my favorite indicator of the next eleven months that follow the cold but foretelling month of January.

In years past I have been able to predict the year after just the first 30 days, either because of the self-fulfilling prophecy that I create or because of the natural order of the world. Either way, if January blows, so blows the rest of my year.

This January has been a very good one for me. I have been able to offload some of my normal responsibilities in order to contribute more to the overall goal of Qazzoo which is content creation and less traditional methods of marketing and advertising. Taking a step back from cost per click is a welcome change. Not that I don’t like cost per click. I mean the salt mines were filled with people that loved to toil under the hot sun and receive regular beatings with a leather strap. So I will never let myself get too far from the cost per click dashboards that have created so much joy to so many.

In addition to driving real estate leads to Qazzoo through the traditional cost per click, I have started branching out to handle more social media. Which is a new salt mine. New salt mines are always preferred to old ones. New salt mines are seen with fresh eyes and a completely different perspective.  New salt mines have undiscovered treasure under each rock, until you lift the rock and find….more salt.

Not to complain about bidding on the same 5,000 keywords everyday on Google and Bing, hell that isn’t a bad job. I just can’t wait to get the engine running on social media and ramp that up. I wonder if I will be replaced by a younger, stronger version of me once I get the social stuff in high gear?  Or worse an automated version of me? Being replaced by a vending machine always makes ones parents proud.

So my first month of 2013 was a stellar one and I think this is going to be a break out year for Qazzoo and for me as part of the Qazzoo team. Yes, I may be a small part of the entire team, but I am part of something really cool and that is better than a salt mine or being replaced by a vending machine.


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