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Well it’s been almost two months since my last post, I know you all missed me dearly, but unfortunately I have been busy doing other things. Google has once again thrown me a curve ball by changing up the Google AdWords Campaigns. They now have Legacy Campaigns (Old) and Enhanced Campaigns (New).

money vampiresWhat is the difference you ask? Well honestly there is quite a bit; I could write posts until my fingers wore down to nubs telling you the difference, so the easiest way is to give you the basics that are important.

Mainly a big difference is in the past in order to bid devices separately you had to make separate campaigns for those devices, now with Enhanced Campaigns you can bid them all in one campaign with a new tool called Bid Adjustment, which essentially allows you to set a big and then set either a positive or negative percentage bid for each device (Mobile, Tablets, and Computers). So let’s say for computers I set a bid of $1.00 per click but I only want to spend $0.50 per click for mobile phones, all I have to do is put in a bid adjustment of -50% and it will lower the bid for me all in one campaign. It’s pretty cool actually if you know the pain of managing campaigns for all different devices for the same area all over the country.


Also they made the ads more manageable by allowing you to use all ads across all devices, but also customize them to appear better for each device type. This is a huge help when you are trying to appeal to a certain group of mobile users and would like to insert a key phrase to target them, but do not want that same message making its way to your desktop users. Just another trick Google rolled out to make the life of us marketers easier…that is once we learn how to work it all…

Google also updated their tracking conversions, they updated their tools for calls, digital downloads, clicks, etc. And with these tracking reports it is very easy to see what is performing well and deserves a bigger budget vs. what is bleeding your budget dry like a money sucking vampire, and we can all appreciate being able to know what’s working well and investing more into it to better use our money instead of wasting it on something that sucks.

Like I stated earlier these are just a few of the changes that Google made, there are literally tons more, and more details I could tell you but honestly neither of us have the time to do that at the moment, so if you would like to read a little more about it I’ll attach a link for you to CHECK IT OUT when you have a second, but let’s remember this…Marketing is my job, I do this every day, and I love it. If I don’t have time to do everything that I would like to with it, how do you really expect to do it yourself when you need to be meeting with clients and selling houses?


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