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Christmas is upon us and we at Qazzoo are happy to have been a part of so many lives this year. We wanted to say thank you to everyone that has made Qazzoo such a fun way to create and provide. So here we go. Thank you to the tech team at Qazzoo for the imagination, skill and creativity to look at the world in a different way and develop something that has never been seen before. Thank you to the marketing team and representatives of Qazzoo for promoting and introducing Qazzoo to the tens of thousands of professionals and consumers that have been a part of what makes Qazzoo special. It is an honor and has been a privilege to work with such an amazing group of people.

But the BIG “Thank you” goes to the consumers and professionals that have used Qazzoo to get to know each other and we hope that Qazzoo has made 2013 just a little bit easier to accomplish your goals.

When development first began on Qazzoo it was clearly going to be a challenge to take on the status quo and create something that is truly original and useful. It was a harrowing endeavor and our work is not done, as the internet continues to morph and take on new forms with different methods of connecting people. We have been blessed to be a part of it and we understand the faith that many have placed in our ability to adapt and change while delivering a desired service. We set out to build relationships between people of complementary needs and our efforts to perfect the system and the search engine are ongoing and will be for as long as we are supported by you. Thank You.

With Christmas comes the thoughts of closing out another year in the folds of our history, both personally and professionally. We realize this post maybe premature with New Year’s still ahead but the Christmas spirit is upon us and we didn’t want to let it go by without extending the best wishes to everyone that has had a hand in our success and we hope that you experience twice the joy that you have brought to us!

Merry Christmas,

Michael Urbanski

CEO, Qazzoo


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