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We have been in the grips of a recession for over 5 years now and the new norm sort of sucks for a lot of us. Gas prices are at record levels and we don’t complain. In fact gas guzzling trucks are some of the best-selling vehicles on the sales lot. People walk right past the hybrids and grab the keys of the V8 powered, large body trucks at a 10 to 1 ratio over their electric/gas/hybrid, emissions free counter parts. Why would they do this knowing that gas prices are so high? The only explanation I can come up with is that we have grown used to the new norm and adjusted themselves to it.

Maybe I am being a little negative but isn’t it odd that we don’t even worry about the national debt anymore?

It reminds me of another cliché…sorry I have been on a cliché roll recently.

“One person is killed and it’s a tragedy. A million people are killed and it’s a statistic” That same mindset seems to apply to the way that we see the world. We see one issue and it is an issue. We see a whole youve got to be kidding mebunch of issues and it is the way things are. Why do we accept it? Is it because we can’t change it and is it easier to accept it and expect it rather than face the depression when we really want it to change. That was a question masked as a statement wrapped in a riddle bundled into an enigma…deep huh?

So how does this apply to Real Estate? It may not but I really wanted to say something about it after I filled up my car this morning. It has a 15 gallon tank and I think I paid over $75 for the fill up. I swear I couldn’t look at the price as it sped past $50.00 I just looked the other direction and sang a happy song to myself. It may also be my age? I am 50 now and when I was a kid I drove a VW and paid (like grandparents say) less than a dollar a gallon. Even at that price I remember my friends all chipping in for gas money when we wanted to go to the beach. Man a dollar really got you somewhere in a bug when gas was 95 cents. Boy would my father be proud of my insight; but I think this is part of what makes us accept disappointment with our politicians. Really, Anthony Wiener is going to run for Mayor of New York? Newt Gingrich bought likes on Facebook?

OJ went to jail for a crime in Las Vegas?

What happened when I wasn’t looking that allows us to go beyond redemption and into the land of “Are you kidding me?” without anyone raising an eyebrow?

I have to stop typing now before my arthritis kicks in. Plus I have to go to the men’s room to relieve a portion of my bladder before I fill up my depends and wind up missing the early bird special at Denny’s.


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