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Many people would say why in the world would I ever try YouTube for marketing when I’m in the Real Estate Industry? Well let me just tell you that over the past few weeks I have taken it as a personal challenge to get our Qazzoo YouTube Channel and Videos to perform better. And the reason is people are actually searching about Real Estate on YouTube, it’s hard to believe I know, but think about everything you could be doing…video open houses, tips for getting everything in order before buying a home, and even tips for sellers on staging, curb appeal, really anything.

So why would I really want our videos to rank well with YouTube?

First you need to know that YouTube is owned by Google, so their ranking algorithms are very similar.

imagesSecond you need to know that many things influence a videos ranking on YouTube, and one of them is links from other sites of that video…yes a site about hosting videos for views and comments is actually wanting that video’s link to be posted other places for people to view it, consider it YouTube SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)

But the major thing you really need to know is if you are ranking well on YouTube it will help your rankings with Google! The odds are you have a link to your videos on your website somewhere, and vice versa from videos to website.

Now let’s talk about where to go for these links from other sites to our videos, the best place you could possibly put it is your website, your blog, and social media sites such as Facebook, Google +and Twitter. But there are others that you should be pursuing, while Twitter, Facebook and Google + are Social NETWORKING, we need to pursue Social BOOKMARKING sites, such as StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Digg, and Reddit. Why you ask, because these sites are established, they are high traffic sites, and high shared sites. Great link juice for SEO purposes! So when promoting a video for YouTube remember to have links every place you can think of that is relevant, but also make sure they are going to serve a purpose.

I am currently experimenting with a few strategies and in a few weeks I will let you know how they worked out! Let’s hope they work out well and I end up with some videos on the first page!


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