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youtube4I began this series of posts a little over three months ago now, and I am happy to say that by sticking with my routine and working on my videos every day I have successfully ranked a Qazzoo video on the first page of the YouTube search results for “real estate leads” as well as “real estate lead generation.” And it will only be a matter of time before that turns into two and three videos on the first page as I have several videos ranking very high on the second page of the YouTube search results for those keywords as well.

If you haven’t already read my previous posts you can find them here.

Marketing with YouTube? Part I

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They will explain to you the process I took in marketing with YouTube and what is necessary to get your videos ranking well for the keywords you choose.

Now that you are familiar with my process I would like to add that many people would say “This is awesome! Now I’m done!” well that’s partly true, this is awesome, but I am nowhere near done, SEO is a constant every day process, even for YouTube. I got my videos ranking where they are by working at this every day, if I stopped doing this today eventually the videos would fall off the first page, which isn’t what I want, my new goal is to get as many videos as I can on the first page, as well as to own the top spot on the first page. Remember YouTube is a Google product, so people are gunning for your spot on YouTube just as they do on the Google search results. Once you achieve your goal don’t stop, you need to maintain! Every time you hit one goal set another and keep going!



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