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YouTube…isn’t as hard to crack as Google but it’s still a challenge to see some positive results. A few weeks back I published a post about the efforts of marketing with YouTube, if you haven’t read it CLICK HERE to read it now before continuing. Now that we are all on the same page, I have been working everyday on the Qazzoo YouTube Channel, to be more specific I have been working on getting the videos that we have published more views, likes, and overall more exposure to get them ranking higher.

youtube2It has been almost two months since I began working with these videos and in the beginning the videos were posted on YouTube and the Qazzoo website using an embedded link from YouTube. This allowed us to only have limited exposure because the only people really seeing the video were those that explored the Qazzoo website and me. In the beginning when performing a search for “real estate leads” or “real estate lead generation” on YouTube you would find our first video around page six or seven. You can see how this is a problem because who ever really looks that far into the results?

What I did was a few SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks, like including keywords in my video description, but only where it feels natural, keyword stuffing is frowned upon. I also included a link to Qazzoo.com as well as the link for that particular video on YouTube. Many people do not realize that often time’s people use software to essentially “steal” your video and post it on their website, well this software takes everything, including the description, so having a link to your video on YouTube in the description is important because it counts as another link to your video. It also allows people access to your video on YouTube as well as your other videos. Another thing I did was linking all the videos together by connecting them in chronological order as video responses to each other, that way someone viewing our videos can easily find the others, this also adds more link juice for our videos.

youtubeAfter doing these things we still had a problem, the videos needed to be posted in other areas of the web…So what I did was submit the Qazzoo videos to Social BOOKMARKING sites. These sites consist of Reddit, Digg, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and many others; this allows you to submit your video in areas related to its content. The Qazzoo videos are all about real estate leads, real estate lead generation, as well as Qazzoo features and how to use Qazzoo. So when submitting the videos I filed them in the Real Estate category. So anyone looking in the real estate category can view and interact with your video, this includes sharing it on Social Networking sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google + to name a few.

So long story short having your video submitted in every relevant area possible, having a good detailed description with keywords, having keywords in the title of the video, having a link to your website as well as the URL of the video on YouTube, using relevant tags for the video, and having the videos all linked together are all major things to do to get your video ranking higher with YouTube.

youtube3Currently if you perform a search in YouTube for either “real estate leads” or “real estate lead generation” you will find all of the Qazzoo videos between page two and page six, a big improvement from finding the first video on page six or seven. But there is still work to do to get them on page one, and SEO is a time-consuming process that you are never finished with, so I will keep trucking on getting more exposure to one day getting the Qazzoo videos on page one. So remember market yourself everywhere possible, be creative and utilize every platform you can!


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