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We so often think that houses sell or mortgages are agreed on by real estate leads which makes them into actual clients. This is the trap that we fall into way too often. People don’t buy houses, they buy homes; homes to live in and raise a family. Ask yourself who would you rather buy a home from, someone who looks at you like a potential commission check or someone who is looking out for your best interests?

I would guess the answer to the rather obvious question is “Someone who is looking out after my best interests”

This is only a matter of communication styles and that begins with how you see them as humans. If you look at them and think of them as your extended family you will be happier and they will be better served. Side bar: Don’t think of the nutty uncle that used to scare you when you were little. Think of the aunt that used to give you money or sweets every time you saw her.

prepared-not-scared-300x300Anyway when you think of them as extended family your relationship should shift from client to someone who you want to help above all else. This will come across in conversations and they will behave more like a dedicated friend and become more committed to working with you alone. This commitment will show itself with your receiving phone calls or emails reporting homes that they find online or reporting openly that they were approached by another agent and how you are their friend and they felt like they were cheating on you, which gives you the opportunity to solidify your relationship with statements like “Don’t worry we will find you the right house” and “If you would like I can contact the agent and get the inside scoop on that house?” Which communicates that you are not threatened. No one wants to feel trapped and everyone wants someone on their side. This makes you indispensable and therefore you are not afraid of being forgotten about when it comes to buying a house.

Speaking of real estate leads and losing them. This can be done with the buyer contract but I am a believer that you lose more than you gain when you introduce a contract. Contracts are like attorney’s. They are the last resort of choice and how many contracts do you expect someone to sign?

Just remember to never let them fall in love with a house. A house is just bricks and wood and there will be more coming and going through a good relationship with a home buyer. A relationship that out lives the purchase and leads to other buyers in their sphere of influence.


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