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It doesn’t matter if a home buyer lead is working with another agent if you focus on them and not on the homes on the market. The old days of homebuyers not having access to real estate listings are long gone. Everyone has the same inventory. Now it is all about building a quality relationship. This does not mean that you have to baby sit their kids when they go on vacation or wash their car. It means that like any good friend that you listen to their desires and do your best at making their dreams come true, again that is “THEIR dreams” not YOURS.

Most real estate professionals don’t actually listen to the homebuyers they work with. They hear a murmur in their ears but they are secretly thinking “If I can sell them my listing, I can knock out two birds with one stone and double my commission” This is exactly why you can become anyone’s favorite real estate professional. All you have to do is listen and try to meet their needs and not your own. The vast majority of homebuyers report that no matter what they tell the agent they keep showing them houses that don’t meet their needs.

needsTry this:

Listen to the needs of your real estate leads and show them exactly what they want, even if it is out of their price range. What is the worst thing that can happen? They either realize that their desires and reality are not congruent or they find a way to come up with the difference.

Either way they win, which means that you win in the long run. Most agents just show what the buyer can afford which creates a lack of understanding with the buyer which in turn leads to a lack of trust. No matter how many times they are told that the house they want doesn’t exist at the price they want it, if you show them one house that meets their desires it will bring the reality to their conscience mind and they can move on to becoming a real home buyer.

The opposite keeps them thinking that you are not showing them something for your own reasons and that house that they have wanted is out there somewhere but you just don’t know how to find it for them. Show them one house that they can’t afford and clear the air once and for all and earn their loyalty. Just don’t be a jerk about it and let them come into your fold of quality home buyers that you can help.


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